To Interview or Not to Interview. That should not be the question!

Peaches Valdes, associate director of admissions at Bryn Mawr College, offers advice on your admissions interview—an optional but recommended part of your application:

Do not fear the college interview! It’s an opportunity to connect with the school where you see yourself being for the next four years.

At Bryn Mawr, we enjoy connecting with a student for 20-25 minutes to learn what she hopes to study, how she spends her time outside of class, and what excites her about her next adventure—the college experience.

The optional interview is evaluative and informative, and in the end, it will help the admissions committee determine whether the student and the college are a good match.

There are no wrong answers as the focus is on you! However, it is important that you prepare. Just as you’ve written and re-written your college essay in order for it to be clear, concise, and most of all capture who you are as a student and future member of the school; so should you approach the interview.

Think about how you spend your time in and outside of class, but more importantly, think about why you do it! In the end, the interview is a conversation. It should be fun.

You can schedule your interview as part of a campus visit or arrange to speak with an admissions officer over Skype. The deadline for these is two weeks after the application deadline for your chosen admission plan.

Alternatively, you can request an alumna interview in your area. These can only be scheduled through Dec. 15 and require advanced notice.

Check out all the details here on the Schedule an Interview page of our website.