Mail Me, Maybe

As a born and raised Californian, my move to Pennsylvania for college was a transition in more ways than one.  Not only did I have to buy a whole new winter wardrobe (I’m not saying it was a difficult transition), I had to find new ways to stay in touch with my friends and family from the west coast.  From late night phone calls to emails and Skype, I’ve managed to maintain many bi-coastal relationships and stave off my occasional west coast homesickness.

Now that I’ve graduated, I’ve used the same methods of communication to stay close to friends who have left Philadelphia and are living all over the country and world.   One of my favorite ways to stay in touch is through snail mail.  In our email-laden society, I really enjoy the feeling of ripping open a letter or turning over a postcard.

Just last week, Priya Saxena, one of our former tour guides who just graduated this May, sent me a postcard (a homemade one nonetheless) from her new home in Washington DC.


Reading her postcard and learning about her summer got me thinking about all the interesting things Bryn Mawr women are doing with their summers.  You can read about some of their adventures in “Bryn Mawr women go places in the summer!”.  And it got me thinking… what are you all doing with your summers?

If you have the chance, send me a postcard from wherever you are this summer.  Whether it’s working in your hometown ice cream parlor or volunteering abroad, I want to hear about it!  I’ll be posting the best postcards I receive throughout the summer and may even respond with a postcard of my own.


Anxiously hovering at my mailbox in anticipation,


Mailing address:

Rebecca Kuperberg
Bryn Mawr College- Gateway
101 North Merion Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

PS: If mail isn’t an option for you (or just too much of a hassle), send me an email instead!