Girl Power

If you’re anything like us in Admissions, you’ve been totally obsessed with watching this year’s Summer Olympic Games in London. The 2012 Games have been exciting, with enough nail biter moments to hold us over for the next four years.

Bryn Mawr is all about female empowerment, so for us, a big part of the fun is watching all the female athletes compete. These games are special: they mark the first time that all of the countries have sent female athletes and there are more American women on the U.S. team than men (269 females to 261 men).

We’ve loved watching the Fab 5 flip, vault, and literally fly their way to winning gold medals. And it’s safe to say that if Gabby Douglas ever visited Bryn Mawr, we would totally anass her. While women’s gymnastics is always an Olympic highlight, we have to give a shout out to the U.S. women’s crew team, swimmer Missy Franklin, and tennis rock star Serena Williams. All this and Track and Field is just getting started!

As we revel in female athletes making history in London, we thought we’d share some of Bryn Mawr’s sports history.

  • Our Rowing coaches are both gold medalists. Both Head Coach Carol Bower and Assistant Coach Gabrielle Cipollone have competed in the Olympic Games. Coach Bower made the U.S. team twice, in 1980 (Moscow) and 1984 (Los Angeles). Due to a national boycott in 1980, she did not compete, but won gold four years later in the Women’s 8. In 1988 (Seoul, Korea), she coached the Women’s 4.
    Coach Cipollone is a two time gold medalist who competed in 1976 (Montreal) and 1980 (Moscow) for the East Germany team.
  • While field hockey can be traced back several centuries to Egypt and Greece, it was brought to the United States in 1901 by a British woman named Constance M.K. Applebee. Disappointed with what was considered sport for women at that time, she introduced field hockey to five of the original Seven Sister schools, including Bryn Mawr. She later served as a coach and the College’s director of outdoor sports. She also helped to found the United States Field Hockey Association and created the first magazine devoted to women’s sports.

So, hit the comments and tell us about your favorite Olympic moments. Owls sports fan? Share any amazing Bryn Mawr athletics moments we missed.


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  1. I am trying to make my way into Bryn Mawr college and I was wondering if you could give me advice and your outlook on how I can make it to this school. It is definitely one of my dreams and I would love to go here. Right now I am a sophmore in high school in colorado. Any of your help will be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Hi Zahra!

      Thanks so much for your interest! Happy to help you learn more.

      I have passed your information on to the representative who works with our students from Colorado. She’ll be in touch with you very soon.

      In the meantime, you can learn more on our website:

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