Mail Me, Maybe (Part 2)

My mailbox got a fair bit of love in the past couple of weeks.  Here are two great postcards, one from a prospective Mawrter and the other, from a current Bryn Mawr student.


Caroline writes: “Hi!  Just got home from spending the last part of my summer as a Counselor Assistant and member of the riding staff at Camp Merrie Woode in Sapphire, NC.”



And, from the other side of the world…



Emily Christie ’14 writes: “Dear Rebecca, ZDRAST-voy-tye (as we say hello here in Russia)! I love mail of all sorts- sending and receiving it- so when I saw your post on the Admissions blog, I knew I had to write!  I’m studying in St. Petersburg at the moment; it’s my first time abroad and it’s been a fascinating experience in terms of both language and culture.  And I love exploring the city- yesterday a friend and I found the Gulf of Finland and walked along the beach there.  (I’m from NJ so I’m always happy to have a beach and open water!)  We’ve only got 2 more weeks here, so I’m trying to make the most of my time- I still want to ask my host mom to teach me to make bliny… I hope life in the US is going well… I can’t wait to be back at Bryn Mawr soon!”

Thank you so much, ladies, and I hope to meet you both this fall!

Here on campus, we’re getting ready for the beginning of our school year.  International Student Orientation begins on Sunday and Customs Week, during which first year students learn all about Bryn Mawr’s unique customs, starts in one week.  Further on the horizon is Shopping Week, when Mawrters “shop around” to choose their perfect mix of courses.

What are your plans for these last few weeks of summer?  I can’t wait to hear about them!